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Summer is here and the heat waves are real. We girls know that it’s a struggle to look stylish while also making sure we aren’t melting away. Elysian Desire secret to beating this summer heat while not looking like a mess? A linen dress

A linen dress. Linen is perfect for summer since it’s a lightweight material, which will keep you ventilated through out the day.

Elysian Desire recommends the favorite way to wear linen is of course, a dress.

Renowned for its temperature regulating properties linen has long been loved by those looking for comfortable yet stylish clothing. ElysianDesire dresses, tunics, blouses, shirts, trousers , skirts and stylish Mens Jackets will keep you cool in summer and will wick away any moisture, leaving you feeling fresh, chic and ready for anything.

We at Elysian Desire have carefully designed a collection of linen clothes that will become your summer staples, providing versatile, beautiful garments that outlive fashion fads

Elysian Desire Linen clothes are appreciated so much because of the comfort they provide. Linen clothing are not only durable and pleasant to one’s skin, linen clothes are known for their excellent absorbency and breathability.

Elysian Desire Linen fabric easily absorbs perspiration, while leaving a very cool and dry feeling to the skin. And this is the reason linen clothes are preferred choice during hot summer months. Elysian Desire Men linen Jackets are of equal demand as women linen clothes – beautiful colours and designs make colour or white stripe linen Jackets most popular choice for summer.

Elysian Desire Linen clothes are known to attract less lint, thus making it more lint free than other fabrics. Linen clothes can be machine washed, dry cleaned or even steamed, making it very easy to maintain the cleanliness of linen clothes.

For your coolest Linen outfit visit now @ Elysian Desire Design Studio

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